UMAMI Daikon Soup Pack 即食白萝卜汤
UMAMI Daikon Soup Pack 即食白萝卜汤
UMAMI Daikon Soup Pack 即食白萝卜汤

UMAMI Daikon Soup Pack 即食白萝卜汤

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✅  简易方便,是我们的服务
✅  美味可口,是我们的宗旨
✅  匠心精神,是我们的追求
UMAMI白萝卜汤包内附有8包独立包装的汤料及8包紫菜包,新品上架只售RM 14.90;制作方法简易明了,汤碗中倒入1包汤料包及紫菜包,加入300ML的滚水,搅匀即可享用。
Daikon Soup Pack
The Japanese Daikon - White Radish
Their century-old custom requires radish to dispel cold and prevent stroke after the cold winter.
Warm your stomach in the middle of the night with our UMAMI Daikon soup.
It takes only 1 minute to prepare. Simple and convenient. 
In addition, the sweetness of the seaweed add some flavors to the soup. Feel free to add tofu, fish balls, eggs, noodles, minced meat, fish, shrimp and seafood to make a nice dinner.
The UMAMI Daikon soup ps k comes with 8 individually packed soup powder and 8 seaweed bags. 
The new product is only sold at RM14.90; the preparation method is simple and straightforward. 
Just cut out 1 packet of the soup powder and seaweed and pour into a bowl. Add 300ML of boiling water, Stir well and enjoy.